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Album Semiconductors has expert engineers in IP design, development and services. We deliver the services from specifications to silicon. We also deliver in-house design services using ODC (Offshore Design Centre) concept with a dedicated team specialized in specific customer needs.

Mission: To develop power efficient, high speed, and area efficient memories with high yield.

Technology: We have innovative memory bitcells and architectures which give great advantages over the existing architectures in terms of leakage power, dynamic power, area, and speed. These architectures will also improve yield. Patents are filed based on these architectures at USPTO.

Expected market: Anybody who uses memories. This would include SOC designs, microprocessors, etc.

We are well connected in the industry and are capable of ramping up very fast to deliver.

We have expert engineers who have the knowledge for execution of the complete design and development activities of re-characterization or full-development projects.
Our team has experience in handling projects from older nodes to new cutting edge designs and deliver on time.

Dr Sudhir S. Moharir
PhD from IIT Bombay in Microelectronics with 24 years of professional experience. 3 patents approved by US Patent and Trademark Office. 6 more filed. 7 publications. 13 years of management experience.
Prior work at SmartPlay, ARM, Artisan,Synopsys, Cypress and ST. Worked in USA for 12 years. Hands-on experience of leading all stages of design development efforts including requirement definition, architecture, design, supervising design/layout, test support, silicon correlation, and failure analysis. Designed several high performance and low power memory compilers for embedded memories with first pass yield. Extensive experience of ramping up teams and making them productive.
Vasudev Nese Chaya

M.tech from IIT Bombay in Microelectronics with 14 years of professional experience. Expertize in complete design cycle of memory development of full-development projects and re-characterization projects. 14 years of experience in memory design and development.
Experience of working at different stable companies and start-ups. Worked at ST-Microelectronics, Intel Technology, Emerging Memory Technology(EMT), Texas Instruments and ARM. Experience in working with teams with different cultures. Worked in USA for two years. Worked in South Korea. Experience in leading the complete platform with different kinds of memory products. Experience in working and coordinating with customers and customer requirements. Experience in training and ramping up the team.


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