Album Semiconductors has experts in Memory IP design, development and design services. We deliver the services from specifications to silicon. We also deliver in-house design services using ODC(Offshore Design Centre) concept with a dedicated team specialized to specific customer needs.

Our business model:
Time and Material model. Projects delivered at customer site.
We will provide expert resources.
Memory design knowledge and experience.
Memory layout knowledge and experience.
At advanced nodes also.
We provide layout resources for general purpose, scratch draw as well as verification.
ODC (Offshore Design Center) model.
Dedicated team for the customer with separate access control and customer monitoring capabilities.

We follow simple memory design and development procedures with high emphasis on the quality of the design. Our team has the expertize in delivering the following services:
..= Full Development Design Projects.
..= Re-characterization Design Projects.
..= Custom Layout.

Full Development Projects

Our team has the expertize in latest 14 nm & 16 FinFet nodes, popular 28 nm node and older nodes ranging from 40 nm upto 180 nm.
What scratch development project requires over a recharacterization project:
..= Defining architecture or improving the architecture to meet PPA
..= Circuit solutions to meet PPA.
..= Circuit optimization to meet PPA.
..= Possible addition of features.
..= Scratch draw and optimization of layouts.
..= Close interaction between the team members.
..= Strict monitoring of PPA.
..= Strict monitoring of milestones versus schedules.

We are capable of doing any type of memory project.

Re-characterization Design Project
Our team has the expertize to understand the scope of the rechar project.
Activities planning and time scheduling is done based on the activities needed for the specific rechar project.
A Rechar project may be initiated because of one or more of the following:
..= PDK update.
..= Bitcell update.
..= DRC/LVS/ERC/DFM update.
..= Spice model (bitcell or logic) update.
..= Extraction deck update.
..= Monte Carlo model update.
..= Voltage or temperature range update.
..= Compiler range update.
..= PPA optimization requirement.
Custom layouts
We deliver expertize services for custom layout from scratch as well as rechar.
Layout expertize in latest 14nm &16nm FinFet technology. Team has the experience in fixing the DRC issues.
Team has knowledge on skill code which can be used to improve the efficiency during some layout activities.
We deliver layout design services on popular 28nm node as well as nodes ranging from 40nm till 180nm.

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