• Vision

    To contribute significantly to semiconductor design industry

  • Mission

    Making our customers successful by accelerating their memories, SOC designs, and IPs while minimizing their costs and risks

  • Values

    Customer Satisfaction, Excellence, Innovation, Integrity, Quality, Teamwork, Work life balance

About Us

We are an Engineering Team Built to Face Today's Design Challenges. Album Semiconductors is known for its expertise in semiconductor design services. We support Memories, Std. Cells, IO, Analog, SOC Designs, PD, PV, DV, DFT, RTL, and more. We have talented engineering teams with experience of working in cutting edge technologies like FINFET and SOI. We are growing to be sought-out partner for complete IC designs. From selecting libraries, IP, and manufacturing process to Design Verification, DFT, and Physical Implementation, our consultancy services can analyse your requirements and set out the possibilities and solutions that will best suit the successful delivery of your project.

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Our Service Model

Album provides innovative solutions to suit all semiconductor customers; BIG or small, developing cutting edge products. Our solutions are flexible, scalable, helps you be on time and reduce cost

  • Resources Augmentation.
  • ODC Model
  • Turnkey Solutions
  • Design, Develop and Transfer

Why Choose Us ?

  • Professionally managed and building good employee culture
  • Very low attrition and providing high growth positions
  • Ramping up teams in new areas with competitive salaries for employees
  • Competitive pricing for customers
  • Having expert team leaders
  • We have engineering teams experienced in their domains and cutting edge technologies
  • Working with multiple product companies

Our Services

Memory Design

Memories are circuits or systems that store digital information in large quantity. Today, memory circuits come in different forms including ...

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RTL Design & Verification

Design Verification is an essential step in the development of any product. Also referred to as qualification testing, design verification ...

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Design For Testability

Design for testing or Design for Testability (DFT) consists of IC design techniques that add testability features to a hardware product design...

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Physical Implementation

The Physical Implementation is the process of transforming a circuit description into the physical layout , which describes the position of cells..

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Standard Cells and Analog Design

In semiconductor design , standard cell methodology is a method of designing application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) with mostly...

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Happy Customer


Projects & Tape outs Done


Number Of Employees



Working towards getting our first ODC & growing the team size to 120+.


Positioned to grow the team to 70+ engineers, working towards being in vendor list for Top 20 Semiconductor companies.


Added IP and SoC Design & Development Teams, starting with hiring experts in DFT, DV, PV and PD with an aim to touch 50+ engineers.


Quickly ramped up to 30+ engineers and started working for multiple clients.


Founded by Professionals to develop power efficient, high speed, and area efficient memories with high yield.