ALBUM is a well-established company. We are growing at a fast rate. Many of the product companies in the semiconductor field are our direct clients. We offer good work and good packages. We have a vibrant and employee friendly culture. If you are looking for challenging work and a package that justifies your work, come join us

Open Positions

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Position Location
Memory Design Bangalore/Hyderabad/Noida
Memory Layout Bangalore/Hyderabad/Noida
Std. Cells Design Bangalore/Hyderabad/Noida
Std. Cells Layout Bangalore/Hyderabad/Noida
IO Design Bangalore and Noida
IO Layout Bangalore and Noida
Analog Layout Bangalore
Physical Implementation Noida and Bangalore
DFT Bangalore/Noida/Hyderabad
DV Bangalore/Noida/Hyderabad
RTL Design and Verification Bangalore and Noida

We have positions open for all experience levels under different categories. The actual number of positions open under each category may change with time. You can send your resume through this webpage. You can also send your resume to You can also check the status of your application by writing

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