RTL Design & Verification

RTL DESIGN & Verification

Design Verification is an essential step in the development of any product. Also referred to as qualification testing, design verification ensures that the product as designed is the same as the product as intended.

The consequences of getting this task wrong can have major implications on your business, such as delays in getting your product to market, costly re-spins or even product field failures. It is important to ensure the design has been verified as much as possible within the time and cost constraints of the project.

Our Team has expertise in:

  • IP Verification
  • Verification of complex SoCs and ASICs
  • Assertions Based Verification
  • VIP Development

With engineers of varying levels of experience and with technical leads to drive, monitor and deliver results, our commitment to quality of deliverables will continue to be at the levels that have made us stand out in the industry.